Transparent Films


We are a renowned Manufacturer and Exporter of PET films in India. PET Film is also known as BOPET Film and is manufactured using high-quality Resins with advanced technology.

The film has excellent mechanical and thermal stability, due to which it is a preferred substrate for various industrial applications.

The company is chiefly engaged in manufacturing and supplying PET films of superior caliber for Yarn, Packaging, and Electrical applications.

We offer these PET films in various specifications (high tensile strength, chemical and dimensional stability, transparency, reflectivity, gas, and aroma barrier properties, and electrical insulation), in order to satisfy the fundamental needs of our clients.

We aim to provide Transparent Film of the best quality which is manufactured using high-quality resins and Forefronting technology.

Why Our Transparent Films?

Exceptional quality

Use of only certified premium raw materials

Safe to be used for food items

Expert quality checking

Customer satisfaction


We manufacture 8 – 150 micron film

Superior elongation quality

Significant tensile strength

High gloss and transparency

Most suitable for printing, lamination, and metallizing etc.

Unequaled mechanical strength

Outstanding electric properties

Uniform gauge

Tear-resistant and puncture-resistant characteristics

Excellent dimensional stability over a wide range of temperatures

Distinctive barrier against a wide range of gases

We have following specialty Transparent Films

Chemically coated foil

Opaque white film

High strength Yarn grade film

Balanced shrink film

Base film for hot stamping foil

Isotropic films

Base film for Holograms

Electrical Grade film

CIN NO : U17290GJ2008PLC053619

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