We aim to provide Specialized Film of the best quality which is manufactured by using high-quality Resins and state of the technology.


Sumilon Polyester introduces a new range of Polyester films containing 85% post-consumer recyclate (PCR)

Sumilon EcoPet Sarl, Morocco has developed a special PCR resin suitable for manufacturing these films. This technology uses Post Consumer Pet bottles through mechanical recycling. These PCR bottles are washed 7 times, crushed, shredded, hot washed again, depolymerized to monomers and then further polymerized and transformed to PCR Pet resin. These resins are EFSA and FDA approved for direct food contact.

SUMILON POLYESTER FILMS introduces Polyester Films Range With 85% Post – Consumer Recycled RPET Content

Recycling may take more effort, but it makes a difference by saving the ecosystem and conserving resources. Keeping our core objective of saving the environment by reducing our carbon footprints. We have invested and established a post-consumer recycling facility in Morocco. Sumilon PCR PET films deliver a carbon footprint saving estimated by a third-party audit to be approximately 2.0 kilograms less CO2 emission for every kilogram of virgin material replaced by recycled content.

Retaining sustainability, Sumilon has also invested in Wind Turbines, where all BOPET films are produced through GREEN ENERGY. A carbon footprint of approximately 4.5 kilograms less CO2 is emitted compared to our competitors.

With close to 4 decades of experience and expertise in the polyester film sector, Sumilon has now stepped into the future of sustainable business operations with leading technology, customer orientation, and quality assurance systems are its building blocks.

Sumilon PCR PET film range is available in all variants as the current PET films. Over and above Sumilon has introduced PCR PET Alox, PCR Pet PVDC, PCR Pet Sealable / Peelable, PCR Pet Silicone coated, PCR High Barrier Metallized films etc.

Sumilon PCR Pet films are tested and approved by most of the converters in Europe and the USA and the supply of such on an industrial scale has also begun, 95% of PCR Pet films are available on request

The Outlook & Benefits

The recycled PET offers a plethora of advantages not only to the environment but also as a production material.

Makes for a great sustainable packaging choice

Consumer waste is turned into a product of utility

The recycled PET has much lower carbon footprint as compared to the virgin PET thereby making it the better choice

It has the ability to replace all or a portion of virgin polymer in new packaging products

PCR Polyester film has 85% recycled post-consumer PET from bottles. This is food grade – EFSA and FDA certified rPet resin. Ths film is made from reinforced plastic with high impact strength and provides an effective barrier against water, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitrogen. The PCR Pet film is an environmentally safe solution that provides a valuable recycled Pet product that can be recycled several times.

The Future Will Either Be Green, Or Not At All

For far too long, we have used too much from nature and returned only waste. From the current statistics and observable climate change, it is evident that the earth is not prepared to handle all that it is being subjected to. The threshold point is approaching, and at the accelerated rate that it is approaching, if we do not combat it now it will be too late to make a positive impact and repair the damages later. Natural resources are depleting fast and are bound to become obsolete if no extreme measures are taken to conserve our reserves by recyclining and limited waste.

With Global Warming being the number one priority in the world, there is a dire need to reduce production of greenhouse gas emission. Stagnant waste and burning waste leads to toxic emissions, hence, recycling turns out to be the only and most effective way to achieve a healthier environment and increased productivity.

Thickness (mic)

8 to 75p

Paper Core

3” to 6”

Slit Width (mm)

350 to 2850

Length (mtr)

6000 to 48000

CIN NO : U17290GJ2008PLC053619

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