Specialty Pet Films

We aim to provide Specialized Film of the best quality which is manufactured by using high-quality Resins and state of the technology.


Another known use of our specialty films is in the food packaging industry, this is due to their high impact resistance, good stiffness, and admirable tensile strength. Our specialty films have a solid seal of strength and stay longer without affecting the packaging material inside it and are compatible with a wide range of packaging machines. This range is widely used in packaging Chips, Namkeen, Wafers, Bakeries, and high-end stationery products, etc.

Coextruded Heat Sealable Film

Heat Sealable / Peelable Film

Alox Coated Film


Copper Metallized Film

Pure Silver Metallized Film

Silicone Coated Films

Paper Metallization

Soft Touch Coated Films

Opaque White Films

Strip / Pattern Metallized Films

Matte Films

CIN NO : U17290GJ2008PLC053619

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