Reasearch & Development

We are continuously researching and developing the latest technology to produce more high-quality products at competitive costs and quality levels.


The company has specialized in products of BOPET Film and Metallizing Films and regularly upgrade our manufacturing system to adjust to the progressive trends of the industry.

Our development team has expertise and diverse knowledge in all types of industrial applications which makes our taskforce highly capable of creating solutions for efficient development and work.

We respect our environment and recognize the fact that we must preserve it for future generations.

How we do it?

The unique feature of recycling lies in the fact that there are endless possibilities as to what you can create from discarded old items. The PET recycling process banks on the same concept of collecting, processing, and developing different types of post-consumption PET Resin into a variety of end products.

After obtaining a product, it undergoes a series of treatment stages, such as pre-washing, sorting, identification, classification, color separation, shredding, washing, sterilization, decontamination, drying, extruding, and making PET resin.

bringing a change

The revolutionary process is actually a cutting-edge technology, a keen aesthetic, and a futuristic approach to conservation of nature. With extensive research, it was discovered that the fastest-growing type of recyclable plastic material is Polyethene Terephthalate (PET) flakes. It also so happens that this is also the main raw material of post-consumption PET bottles. Since it is abundantly available, it has provided us with the opportunity to operate our Green Initiative.

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