We have planted more than 1000 of trees surrounding the plant and providing the fresh atmosphere across the manufacturer premises.


More than 1000 tree plantation Surrounding manufacturer premises

Jatropha plantation step towards preventing global warming

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TO PROMOTE THE WONDER PLANT WE have put up 10,000 Jatropha plants at our factory premises with an aim to use the fruit of the jatropha bush to produce biodiesel.

Green Energy

As the world heads towards extinction of fuel resources, clean energy is the only way ahead. With its constant endeavour towards creating something big out of nothing, and seting a stepping stone for the generations to come, Sumilon uses a traditional Windmill as the major power source for its plant. Utilizing an unending natural resource, creating zero wastage, and saving the environment to provide a better tomorrow is what puts Sumilon miles ahead ethically, morally, and technologically.

4 Windmill 7.2 MW

We Produce

7.2 Mega watts

The windmill on its own acts the cornerstone of the company. From complying with Sumilon’s ‘Go green’ policy and being a no fuel consuming power source, the windmill is the sole supplier for the company’s entire power requirement. Generating an incredible 7.2 Mega Watts, the windmill suffice the electrical power needed by the factory, thereby setting an example in the industry to achieve the highest through the bare minimum with innovation, insight & constant endeavours towards making the world a better place to live in.

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